Bandipur cable car and IPO to be opens simultaneously

3rd Aug, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

TANAHUN, Aug 03: The cable car and primary share (IPO) which are under construction in Bandipur, a tourist town of Tanahun, will be put into operation simultaneously. Chairman of Bandipur Cablecar and Tourism Limited Ramchandra Sharma said that an agreement has been reached with SBI Merchant for the IPO and work is being done to bring the cable car into operation from Baisakh.

Shares will be issued and 20 percent will be given to the general public and 10 percent will be given to employees within the company. Earlier, shares were distributed to 1,400 people in Bandipur Cable Car. RKD Real Estate and Construction Limited and Tourism Investment Fund Limited have 61 percent shares, Panchase Cable Car and Tours Limited has 25 percent shares and local investors including Bandipur Rural Municipality have 14 percent shares in the project.

Ramchandra Sharma, President of Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism Limited, informed that there is a plan to operate a restaurant inside the cable car in order to give novelty to the tourists according to the time. He said that every day after 5 pm, the cable car will stop carrying people and the service will be operated.

After that time, interested tourists can reserve the cable car and have fun at the restaurant inside the cable car. A glass cabin will be installed inside the cable car. He said, "For the restaurant, After paying the fee of Rs.25,000, all the facilities including food, accommodation and sleeping will be arranged.

He said that research work is also being done to see how much load can be carried inside the cable car to make it equipped with toilets. He said that even though preparations were made to operate the cable car since last Dasain, due to artificial shortage, the construction was delayed due to artificial shortage and other additional facilities were added.

He informed that work has been started to bring the cable car into operation from the coming new year. He said that the goods and manpower needed for the cable car had to be brought from outside.

From the cable car, they will be able to travel a distance of one kilometer and six hundred meters to the lower station in Bandipur rural municipality-4 Thuldhunga and Baralthok of the same ward.

It is believed that Siddhagufa in Bimalnagar, which is claimed to be the largest in Asia, and Bandipur, which is suitable for natural scenery, will become the center of attraction for tourists. It is said that the cost of Bandipur Cable Car and Tourism is 1 billion 668 million rupees.

Including the construction of cable cars and four-star hotels, Chairman Sharma said that it is expected that there will be an investment of a total of Rs. 3 billion. He informed that as the price of the goods has increased by at least 25 percent compared to the estimate made earlier, there are indications that the cost will increase.