Bandipur Celebrating New Year Festival

12th Apr, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

TANAHU,April 12:  A street food festival will be held in Bandipur without visiting Tanahu on the occasion of New Year. The street food festival is being organized on the occasion of New Year under the joint project of Bandipur Tourism Development Committee, Regional Hotel Entrepreneurs Association Bandipur and Tanahu Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Chairman of the Tourism Development Committee Kisan Pradhan informed that the festival will start on April 13 and will continue till April 15. Welcoming the Nepali New Year, Pradhan said that the street food festival was organized with the objective of attracting tourists to Bandipur.

Entrepreneurs are confident that tourist arrivals will increase with the new year even though there is no encouraging arrival of tourists in Bandipur now. "We are hopeful that tourist arrivals will increase after the new year," he said. "The street food festival will also be a medium." He said that the street food festival to be organized here is believed to help tourists from neighboring districts besides Tanahu to come to Bandipur.

According to the organizers, local Chudka, Kaura, Doko and Lakhe dances will not be performed in the street food festival and 'The Intro Band' will be performed. "We believe that Bandipur will be a suitable destination to stop the trend of people going to Pokhara and Chitwan to celebrate the New Year," said hotelier Vipin Pradhan.

Annapurna, Machhapuchhe, Dhaulagiri and other mountain ranges can be seen from Bandipur which has around 77 hotels in operation.