Bandipur Municipality to charge tax for homestay

24th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 24: Bandipur Municipality is going to charge tax for the homestay operated within the municipality. Last year, there was no such provision for charging homestay charges but from this current fiscal year the municipality has decided to charge the tax service.

Rs. 1000 will be charged to register a homestay service in the municipality. Chandani Pepalthok community homestay is one of the famous homestay facilities of Bandipur. The number of homestay in other villages is also increasing. 20 houses are registered under the Chandeni Pepalthok Community homestay. The locals of the municipality started homestay service by themselves as they didn’t receive any help from the side of government.

President of the community forest committee, Raju Baniya, said that he is positive towards the announcement of tax charges. "It would be better if it was discussed with the members of the village but we must support the rule made by the government," he added. President of the municipality, Purneshi Thapa, said that the tax will be charged on the basis of rooms in the home stay.