Bara wo: Promoting Traditional Newar foods

6th Jul, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Bara wo is the one of the most popular place for Newari dishes introduced by  Baku Maya Bajracharya. Bara wo is located nearby beautiful Nyatapola, Bhaktpur. 

Bara wo food is also called as lentil pancake. It can be made in various colors like  green, black etc and any types too. Bara wo. The owner continues the hotel of her brother as he went abroad and then she continues to promote our traditional foods. However in the the occasion of festivals like wedding ceremony , birthday Bara wo food is mixed with other foods as well. 

Especially, During Saturdays many people to come to eat the food and enjoy the day. Not only local people come to eat as well as tourist also visits to  eat the Bara wo food.

Text/Photo : Sulav Kumari Singh