Baraha Village in Surkhet to conduct Baraha Lake Tourism Festival

25th Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 25: Surkhet Village Ward No. 4 Taranga is going to organize Baraha Lake Tourism and Agriculture Festival from April 6 to 10.

According to the organizer, the festival will be conducted with the aim of promoting tourism. Speaking at a press conference in Birendranagar, Tej Bahadur Basnet, Chief of Baraha village said, "We are able to work in our own village by producing goods by ourselves." Basnet said that there are a lot of problems and the village should should try to resolve this problem.

Baraha Lake used to be very popular at some time, but now it is languishing and the area is now just a habitat of animals and birds. Chief Basnet expressed his commitment to form a plan to conserve it. In the case of poisonous production, adversely affecting human health, Baraha Lake will now be developed as a pillar of organic product production.

It is believed that festival will create employment by the help of home stay, promote local production, art and culture, and help in the commercialization of local goods. Miscellaneous programs will be done during the festival including Rafting, Boating, Dance, Song, Volleyball, and Karate.

Villagers will invest 2 million for the festival out of 3.2 million in estimated budget. Chief Basnet said that the festival's main objective is to promote the Baraha Lake rather than to produce earning from the festival.