Beni Municipality constructing a new trekking route

8th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 08: A new tourist trekking route is being built on the border of Beni district headquarters from Beni to Mangala and Raghuganga village.

In the investment of Beni Municipality and the Tourism Department, construction work has started from Beni, Paulatsya Jagannath and Todke. According to Rajendra Kumar Shrestha, the Beni Municipality has allocated Rs. 400 thousand in the current fiscal year and the tourism department has allocated Rs. 300 thousand for the construction of the trekking route.

According to him, the Consumer Committee has started work from the budget allocated by the municipality. More than 119 meters of trekking route will be constructed from Hulakchowk. Previously, around 205 thousand rupees were invested in 85 meter long trekking route from Hulalchowk.

Chairman of the Consumer Committee, Amar Baniya, said that this year, there is plan to construct about 1.5 kilometer road from Beni to the entry point of Ramayana Park. There is currently a rigged road and paved slope in that point of the highway.

Chairman Baniya said that there is the goal of completion of the trekking route from Beni to Todke. The tourists visiting Beni are expected to travel easily from Paiche, Jagannath and Todke, after construction of the trekking route.