Bethanchowk Narayanthan: An amazing place to dwell with beautiful nature (Photo Feature)

5th Dec, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

Bethanchowk Narayanthan is located on southern part of Kavre district in an altitude of 3000m from sea level and believed a highest peak of the Mahabharat range. You can easily get an amazing view of terai area and range of Himalayas from there. The local people recognise this peak as a Narayanthan instead of Bethanchowk as there is a Narayanthan temple at the top of the peak.

From there you can get a spectacular view of both sunrise & sunset, a full range of Himalayas, Banepa valley and a terai area specially Makwanpur & Janakpur. On your hike you can enjoy the trail which passes through a dense forest of pine trees and streams.

To reach there, you can take a local bus or your own vehicle to reach Dhungkharka, 45 KM far from Bhaktapur city. Depending upon your preference, you can either do a hike from Dhungkharka or you can take your own vehicle to the last roadable point. The total hiking duration will be 4-5hrs depending upon your pace to reach top of the peak. If you decide to take your own vehicle up to the roadable point, then you have to walk for 1 hour.

There aren't any village at the top of the peak, so you have to manage everything on your own. Depending upon your type of stay, you need to decide what to take. So, if you are staying overnight there then you must have water, food, sleeping bag, mats, tents, blankets, portable gas, lighter etc.

If you are looking for a night out camping which includes hiking as well then this is the place you should go for, where you can dwell with the beautiful nature and enjoy both sunrise & sunset view. But sadly, we are polluting this beautiful nature by not bringing the residuals with us. We request all hikers to bring back the residuals with you and make the place clean.

Text / Photo :  Sanjeev T Magar / A. P Tolang