Bhaduwar Kalika homestay comes into operation at Dhading

29th Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, JAN 29 : Bhaduwar Kalika homestay has been brought into operation at Ward No. 5 of Jwalamukhi Village of Dhading to transform this rite into a business.Homestay is on the rise in rural areas. It is also contributing well to local tourism promotion. Homestay is a good option, especially in places with no hotel or lodge. It is a Nepali ritual of welcoming the guest. 

Homestay Management Committee Chairman Jit Bahadur Ale said that the Homestay projects were in preparation phase since last year for Visit Nepal 2020 and will be on full function this year. "We have targeted tourism year 2020," he said, "and have succeeded in running a homestay in Khari with the main purpose of promoting rural tourism and increasing the source of local income."

The homestays can operate up to thirty guests in one nine homes at a time. One can enjoy a Magar meal at the Bhadawar Kali Homestay, an hour by motorway from Dhading. Apart from this, homestay manager says that entertainment can be enjoyed in Sorthi and Ghatu.