Bhai Tika : Bal Gopaleshwor Temple in Rani Pokhari (Photo Feature)

16th Nov, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

The fifth  day of Tihar is called Bhai Tika. Another one of Nepalese festivals where you get your forehead decorated with colors. This time it’s the sister who gets the pleasure of putting tika with rainbow color in brother's forehead. The tika is supposed to be a thin line of colours right at the centre of the forehead.

The Temple draws a large number of people without brothers and sisters to receive tika on the Bhaitika. This is the first time the temple is open for public after the 2015 devastating earthquake.

The devotees could worship in the temple while people without brothers and sisters could put tika in the temple for the first time since the Gorkha Earthquake. 

The temple of Bal Gopaleshwor Temple in Rani Pokhari remains opened for the public on the day of the Bhaitika only. Rani Pokhari was constructed by King Pratap Malla during his reign to console his wife, mourned by the death of their sons.