Bhaktapr Tour organizes trekking to give message of environment conservation

7th Apr, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, April 07: Currently, due to pollution all over Nepal, the environment has been seriously affected. One of the reasons for this effect is the excessive use of vehicles. Bhaktapur Tours has been trekking regularly with the objective of reducing the number of private vehicles and unnecessary travel.

In this context, on the occasion of New Year 2078 BS, a 33-pond walk has been organized on the 1st of Baishakh to spread the message to the urban Nepalis to travel less in vehicles. The trek, which is about 33,000 feet long, is completed by the common man in 3 hours and 33 minutes.

The trek will start from Maheshwari temple in Bhaktapur at 7.30 am. On that day, a group of ten people will start the journey at one minute intervals to avoid crowds. During the trek, 33 small and big ponds of Bhaktapur can be observed. 

Distinguished bankers, cooperatives, schools, colleges, government employees, officials of diplomatic missions will also participate in this trip. For the entertainment of the pedestrians, Samhe Baji has been arranged along with local dishes. Participants will have to register by 13th April with health security in mind.