Bhaktapur's living goddess offers Tika to public

19th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAKTAPUR, Oct 19: Ekanta Kumari, the living goddess of Bhaktapur, gave tika to the public on the occasion of the Bijaya Dashami festival Friday.

People thronged the Taleju Temple in the district to receive the tika and blessings from the living goddess on the auspicious occasion of the Dashain festival.

Temple's main priest Narendra Prasad Joshi, other priests and gurus received tika from the living goddess at the auspicious hour of 9:51 am Friday. Several people visited the temple to receive tika from the living goddess, according to main priest Joshi.

The title of Bhaktapur's Ekanta Kumari who is worshiped as a living goddess is currently held by Jibika Bajracharya.

Meantime, the Bhaktapur folks observed the Brhamayani Jatra (fair) Friday. The cultural event was organised at the local Brhamayani Temple on the occasion of the Bijaya Dashami festival.

A large number of devotees gathered at the historic shrine since last night to observe the fair. The general belief about the fair is that the Hindu deity Nawadurga makes her presence at the temple on this day to bless her devotees. Animal sacrifices were also made during the fair. The jatra concludes tonight. RSS