Bikal Tulachan elected as president for Western Regional Hotel Association, Pokhara

22nd Jan, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA Jan 22 : Bikal tulachan has been unanimously elected as president of Western Regional Hotel Association, Pokhara. On the 18th convention of the association youth tourism entrepreneur Tulachan got elected as president with 148 votes in open polling and ensured the post for next 2 years. Prior to this, he was first vice president and he is the proprietor of Fairmount Hotel.

Bikal Tulachan elected as president for Western Regional Hotel AssociationPokhara

In the 18th convention other members of the committee also are elected. Laxman  Subedi (Hotel Sakura) is elected as First Vice President, Vikendra Kumar Shrestha (Solitaire Hotel) as Second Vice President.

In the post of General Secretary Ganesh Raj Pahari (Hotel Tropicana) is elected unanimously. In the post of Secretary Rajendra Dhakal (Hotel Glacier), Parbati Pandey (Hotel Landmark) as Treasurer, and Naresh Bahadur Bhattrai (Mount Kailash Resort) as co-treasurerare elected through voting.

"A total of 266 members of the association191 membersparticipated in the election" Electioncoordinator Meharman Shrestha informed. About nine votes become invalid.