Biratnagar airport closed till Friday due to incessant rain

21st Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

BIRATNAGAR, Oct 02: The Biratnagar Airport, which has been closed due to incessant rains, will be closed till Friday. Notice was issued to close the airport until 5:00 pm on Friday as it would take time to prepare for the reopening of the airport, said airport Chief Utsav Kharel.

He informed that the water level in the taxiway and apron has not decreased even though the water level in the runway of the airport is lower than on Wednesday. He said that the airport was flooded due to lack of canal management. 

He informed that the electrical equipment used at the airport has to be repaired due to the flood. He said that there is a plan to bring the airport into operation from Saturday as much as possible.

He informed that there is a plan to send Buddha and Shree to Kathmandu after inspecting the aircraft which has been stranded at the airport since Tuesday due to flood. “A technical team from both the companies will come and check the aircrafts and send it to Kathmandu without any passengers, 'he said.

These airlines have increased the number of flights to Bhadrapur considering the ease of passenger service after the Biratnagar airport was flooded due to incessant rains. Earlier, four airlines including Buddha, Yeti, Shree and Saurya had been operating regular flights daily to this destination.