Biratnagar Airport to remain closed till Tuesday

14th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 14: The water logged Biratnagar Airport in Morang District of Nepal will remain closed till Tuesday, the Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry decided on Sunday.

“The run-way of airport is water logged and the equipments required to operate the flights are out of operation which will take some time to bring the airport to its usual condition,” Suresh Acharya, Joint Secretary of ministry said.

He stated that the equipments that is required to operate communication and navigation High Frequency (HF), Very High Frequency (VHF), VOR and DME are not in the condition to bring into operation because of the water logging.

The terminal building and the check-in counter of the airport is water logged on Sunday too. The most difficult task for the authorities after getting relief from the water logging is the oil spill along the run-way.

The concerned authority has informed that a tanker with air-fuel is submerged in water with oil spilling all over as it mixed with water.

“A tanker with air fuel is submerged in water and is spilled all over the run-way. Until and unless we remove the oil from the run way the airport will not come under the condition to operate,” Joint Secretary Acharya said. “If we were able to clean up the run-way the problem will not be solved. We also need to clean up the tanker too because it is the only tanker which provides fuel to the plane for re-fueling,” he added.

Though there is no sign of operating the commercial flights the authority is making attempts to clean the airport to make the landing and takeoff of the helicopters that tends to participate in rescue and aid mission.