Biratnagar Airport to resume operation after 3 days

17th Aug, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, August 17: The Biratnagar Airport which is out of operation since 7 days will return to operation only after 3 days.

“The flooding after the breakdown of the dam by the water flowing through the canal entered the run-way of Airport halting the operation and it will take 3 more days to return back to the track,” Santosh Dhakal, Spokesperson of Airport said.

“We had set the target to return back to operation from Friday but till today we only have completed the 40% of the cleaning tasks so we will need 3 more days,” Dhakal added.

A battalion of 1 Hundred and 50 Army personnel assisted by airport staffs and airlines officials are in attempt to wash out the mud piled up there. Due to the flooding mud measuring upto two feet is dumped in the airport.