Bird watching: another recreational activity enjoyed in Kathmandu (Photo Feature)

30th May, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

Watching birds in Nepal is always considered as a recreational activity. Over 887 species of birds had been recorded in Nepal. Some of the places for watching birds in Nepal are Godawari, Nagarjun National Park, Jhor, Shikali, Chunikhel, Chovar, Bhaisipati, Inchangunarayan and  Shivapuri National Park. The array of climatic zones and dramatic landscapes of Nepal resides many rare, gorgeous and vibrant birds’ species. The rare species like Impeyan Pheasant, Crimson Horned Pheasant, etc sing and dance in the Himalayas. Similarly, bird Spiny Babbler is found only in the hills of Nepal. Nepal is usually famous for its natural diversity and bird adds more beauty to our natural sites.. Nepal is blessed with a vast array of vibrant birdlife because of the extraordinary range of habitats discovered.



Photo: Dasrath Shrestha Beejukchhen