Birth Place of Lord Buddha- Nepal’s Lumbini witnesses hike in tourist numbers

9th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BUTWAL, Nov. 9: The number of domestic and foreign tourists visiting the famed birth place of Gutam Buddha in Nepal’s southern plains has increased drastically in comparison to previous years.

According to the data from the Lumbini Development Trust a total of 1.2 Million tourists toured the place in first 10 months of 2017.

“In the first 10 months of 2017 a total of One Lakh 11 Thousand 3 Hundred and 90 tourists from third nations arrived Lumbini followed by Indians with One Lakh 13 Thousand 1 Hundred and 13. A total of 9 Lakhs 89 Thousand 9 Hundred and 51 Nepali also visited the esteemed place,” Information officer of the trust Rajan Basnet said.

In comparison to previous records of the same time duration a total of 1 Lakh 5 Thousand 7 Hundred and 8 tourists from third countries arrived Lumbini followed by 97 Thousand 99 Indians and 6 Lakhs 89 Thousand 3 Hundred and 16 Nepali taking the toll to 8 Lakhs 92 Thousand 1 Hundred and 23.

“A total of 85 nations has arrived Lumbini for the tour in last 10 months. The data from the Lumbini Development Trusts also has revealed that the number of foreigners along with Nepali and Indian nationals also has increased,” Vice- President of Siddhartha Hotel Association Mithunman Shrestha said.