Black-topping of Rajbiraj Airport gaining momentum

22nd Mar, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Mar 22: Black-topping of Rajbiraj Airport is gaining momentum after the government gave the final deadline of next month to the contractor for completing the project.

Contractors Kancha Ram Construction and Rautahat Construction had started black-topping of the airport on November 2016 and with the target to complete it by December 2017. They had been unable to meet the deadline due to various reasons and the government had extended the deadline by four months.Site in-charge Suk Bahadur Tamang said they had missed the deadline due to strikes, landslides, floods and other technical reasons. He said they would conclude the project by mid-April and hand it over to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal. A total Rs 303 million was allocated for completion of the task.

“A 1,500 metres long and 30 metres wide runway, a 90 metres long and 60 metres wide apron and a 105 metres long and 20 metres wide taxi way have already been gravelled. The sub base has also been constructed and a fence has been installed.

40 per cent of the total black-topping has been completed so far and the work will be completed by mid-April,” said Tamang. The airport, which is located at Bishnupur Rural Municipality and the adjoining area of Rajbiraj, was inaugurated by the then Minister of Transportation Ganesh Man Singh in 1959.

The airport was in operation for few years. However, it has remained closed due to poor infrastructure since 2008.