Bodh Gaya Enlightenment Marathon to be organized by Lumbini Peace marathon

7th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 07: Bodh Gaya Enlightenment Marathon is going to be organized by Lumbini PEACE in Bodh Gaya of India in September 2020. Bikram Pandey KAAJI, creator of the successful spiritual sports Lumbini PEACE Marathon, announced about this marathon during his speech at the Global Religious Tourism Dialogue held in New Delhi, India last week.

Photo Caption: (left) Bikram Pandey KAAJi inaugurating Global Religious Tourism Dialogue in New Delhi, Kathmandu. (right) Bikram Pandey KAAHI with

Indian Tourism Minister Alphons Kannathanam



"The third episode Lumbini PEACE Marathon has made its successful mark, and it is already making its way to Bodh Gaya, following the footsteps of Siddhartha Gautam in 3rd Century BC in the same spirit of Siddhartha Gautam's Renunciation of palatial life of Kapilvastu in search of enlightenment," says Bikram in his speech. "So, if Bodh Gaya has given the birth of enlightenment, Lumbini is giving the birth of Spiritual Sports in Bodh Gaya," Bikram maintains.

The marathon will be called Bodh Gaya ENLIGHTENMENT Marathon and is planned for the Full Moon Day of September in 2020.


Indian Tourism Minister Mr Alphons Kannanthanam was highly impressed with Bikram's concept of spiritual sports, and his interest to connect Lumbini with Bodh Gaya by way of spiritual marathon running. He showed his interest in working in this project.


The marathon route runs through the tapped and untapped Buddhist heritage sites of Bodh Gaya, bringing to light for tourism opportunity. The marathon will have two categories – international standard full marathon of 42.195 kilometers and Half Marathon of 21 kilometers. This will be the first marathon of its kind like spiritual sports. The organizers are expecting massive footfalls of international as well as Indian marathon runners in the inaugural event.


The trail expects to cover major attractions in Bodh Gaya like 82-feet Buddha Statue, Mahakala Caves, Senani Gaon, Sujata Village, Mahabodhi Temple, among other Buddhist attractions in Bodh Gaya.