Britain orders electronic devices ban on flights from 6 Mideast nations

22nd Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

LONDON:Britain announced a ban on certain electronic devices being allowed in the cabin on Britain-bound flights from six Middle East countries.

The ban will apply to Britain-bound direct flights from Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Tunisia, a British government spokesperson said.

Phones, laptops and tablets larger than 16.0cm x 9.3cm x 1.5cm are not allowed in the cabin on flights to Britain from the six countries. Most smartphones will continue to be allowed on board.

The British restrictions came after a similar U.S. Department of Homeland Security ban.

The spokesperson added: "The additional security measures may cause some disruption for passengers and flights, and we understand the frustration that will cause, but our top priority will always be to maintain the safety of British nationals."

"Direct flights to the UK from these destinations can continue to operate to the UK subject to these new measures being in place."

"Travellers are advised to keep up-to-date with the latest FCO travel advice and to check online with their chosen airline for further information," spokesperson added.