Buddha Air apologizes to passengers

22nd Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 22: Buddha Air has apologized to the passengers. Buddha has apologized for shutdown the service to resolve internal problems, saying it was not a wise decision.

Buddha Air has criticized itself and said that the flight service will not be disrupted in the coming days due to the airlines.
‘The airline is a transit facility for passengers and a source of livelihood for employees. Criticizing our internal problems, we pledge that our service will not be disrupted in the coming days due to our cause, ”said Buddha Air. All Buddha Air flights have resumed from 11 a.m.

Currently, there are more planes in the inner parking lot of Kathmandu Airport than the capacity at night. This is risky from a security standpoint. Further studies and evaluations have shown that the parking area has a capacity of 17 planes.

 The Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) has instructed the domestic airline to fly more planes outside Kathmandu at night.

The Civil Aviation Authority has assured to increase the number of overnight flights in Kathmandu accordingly. This will bring significant convenience to Nepali passengers and bring economic benefits to all sectors, ”said Buddha Air.

On Tuesday, the airline's operators' association said the authority had taken a repressive policy and would suspend all flights from Wednesday. However, it was agreed to continue the talks with CAAN and resume the flight.