Buddha Air has reduced dollar fare for foreigners

12th Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 12: Private sector airline Buddha Air has reduced air fares for foreign tourists. Buddha Air has reduced the dollar fare for foreigners by almost half. However, the company has announced that the reduced fare will be effective only after two and a half months.

The previous target of US 106 for Pokhara has been reduced to US 65 with effect from January 2022. The one-way dollar fares of other destinations scheduled to be implemented from the same date will be Kathmandu-Pokhara $ 65, Kathmandu-Biratnagar $ 76, Kathmandu-Janakpur $ 42, Kathmandu-Simara $ 30, Kathmandu-Bhairahawa $ 65, Kathmandu-Dhangadhi $ 138 Kathmandu-Nepalgunj 102 and Kathmandu-Bhadrapur-94.

Rupesh Joshi, Sales and Marketing Director of Buddha Air, says that cheap airfare will help boost tourism, which has slowed down after the epidemic. He informed me that the dollar fair is also being booked online recently.

Although there is an easy and convenient fare for Nepali and Indian air travelers, there is a provision for foreign tourists to pay the fare in dollars. Addressing a long-standing complaint, Buddha Air said it had reduced dollar fares during its 24th anniversary celebrations.


Dollar fare - effective January 2022

Kathmandu - Pokhara $ 65

Kathmandu - Biratnagar $ 76

Kathmandu - Janakpur $ 42

Kathmandu - Simra $ 30

Kathmandu - Bhairahawa $ 65

Kathmandu - Dhangadhi $ 138

Kathmandu - Nepalgunj $ 102

Kathmandu - Bhadrapur $ 94