Buddha Air implements normal fare to residential staffs of diplomatic mission

1st Oct, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 01: Buddha Air has made a new arrangement for foreigners living in Nepal who work in various embassies and missions. Residential staff of the diplomatic mission will now be able to travel on the company's aircrafts at the normal fare. Fees have been reduced since Friday for those who do not have 'tourists' mentioned on their visas.

The company plans to adjust the dollar fare in the near future. Arrangements have been made for the residential staff living in Nepal to travel to all destinations at normal fares, said Rupesh Joshi, Buddha's Head of Sales and market.

Earlier, the company had been charging Rs 10,803 for such passengers only for Kathmandu-Biratnagar. The company has stated that it will charge Rs 7,405 under the normal fare at this destination from Friday.

He also informed that normal fair has been implemented in all other destinations. "We have started a normal fare for residential staffs of diplomatic mission from today. Now we are also planning to remove the dollar fare, 'said Director Joshi.' This fare will be applicable for foreigners who do not have a tourist visa in their passport, ' he added.

At present, the company has 15 aircrafts of different series including ATR-72, ATR-42, beechcraft and has been flying regularly to various destinations in the country.