Buddhist Meditation Center to be established in Kanhu Hill, Pokhara

27th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 27: A large meditation center is set to open in Kanhu hill, north of Pokhara. featuring an 80-meter-tall statue of the Buddha able to accommodate 5,000 people. The meditation center is being constructed by the Buddhakaya Buddha Mandala Development and Management Committee.

Committee Secretary Raj Bahadur Gurung said that 10 ropanis of land for the construction has been received by various donations while 170 ropanis of land has been provided by the Dharapani Community Forest Consumer Committee. "The meditation center will have a large statue of the Buddha as well as meditation hall, stupa, library, and a tourism center, designed to make use of all the available land," he said, "detailed designs have started along with a master plan."

Gurung believes that the Buddha Mandala would be a top tourist destinations in the entire Asian region and said that profits will be invested in the sector of state health, education, and children's sector. He said that the topic of building a Buddha Circuit has gained traction since the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi advocated connecting Nepal and India to the Buddha Circuit.

After Modi addressed the Nepali parliament on this topic, the then regional administrator Dinesh Kumar Thapaliya had taken initiative to develop ideas for connecting Pokhara to the Buddha Circuit, which started with a committee to construct a park including statues of Siddhartha and Yashodhara.

"While the initial ideas was to construct a park featuring statues of Siddhartha-Yashodhara, experts suggested to install a statue of the Buddha himself as the figure was known around the world. The idea of constructing a Buddha Mandala developed from this suggestion," said Gurung.

A Singaporean citizen residing in Shanghai is reportedly making designs for the meditation center. The construction of the Buddha Mandala meditation center is hoped to attract Buddhists from around the world to the tourism center of Pokhara and help in developing religious tourism in Nepal.