Business in Jiri- Lukla trekking route becomes halted

29th Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

SOLUKHUMBU, Oct 29: Business in Jiri-Lukla trekking route has halted due the lack of hikers. The hiking trail has been in trouble since tourists have started taking planes straight to Lukla. Tourists have opted air travel through which eight hundred and eight people can enter Solukhumbu leaving the trail deserted. Hotels located in surrounding villages Kinjabazar, Noonthali, Joonbesi, Kharikhola have suffered huge loss due to the lack of hikers/guests.

Before the Maoist Moment, people used to trekk to Lukla so businessmen and investors had invested millions on building hotels along the route but ten years long moment created a fear of walking the trail in tourists. The chief secretary of ward no 4, Vakanje, of Likhupike village says that the trekking business is in a predicament due to the lack of hikers. Mingmadorji Sherpa, Chief Secretary of Solududhkunda gives similar remarks on trekking in Junbesi. Air travels established a direct route from Kathmandu to Lukla in the year 2073 A.D. Since then the number of hikers has decreased drastically.

Even after Kinja-Kharikhola tourism association made a rule of tourists going to Lukla having to trek at least once, the tourist chooses to travel from planes. Solukhumbu’s tourism sector currently depends on Lukla airport tremendously.