Business should be allowed to operate following to health standards'

24th Jan, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Jan 24: Entrepreneurs have urged that business should be allowed to operate following health standards as the corona infection is on the rise. He further added that the government should facilitate the conduct of business with Corona, adding that in the past, the government had resorted to lockout due to its dire situation.

Nilhari Bastola, a tourism entrepreneur, says that the government should move ahead in a way that follows the rules rather than closing down the tourism business and other business areas during the crisis. He said that the government should provide concessional loans at such times to allow businesses to operate in compliance with health standards.

He also said that businessmen should not work based on just one profession. He said that if the state does not give confidence, the workers and businessmen will flee from their profession.

Binayak Shah, first vice-president of the Hotel Association Nepal , said the directive issued by the government was only about control but not a strategy to move the economy forward with Corona. He said the government had not taken any initiative to boost the economy by issuing directives this year as in the past.

He said that attention should also be paid to sustain the business and move forward by making the economic activities dynamic. Shah stressed that the government should take the economic sector together without neglecting it.

Sudarshan Bartaula, a spokesperson of Yeti Airline, said the decision to board the plane only after seeing the vaccine card was impractical. He said that the decision of the government could not be implemented. "It is difficult to implement the government's decision as not all children have been vaccinated against corona and not enough people in Nepal have been vaccinated," he said.