CAAN considers giving flight permission to new Shree aircraft upon conditions

7th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 07: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has suggested to the Tourism Ministry that it might consider allowing Shree Airlines to operate its Q-400 Turbo Probe aircraft conditionally. CAAN has responded to Shree Airlines' application for aircraft operation 7 months after the application was filed.
CAAN has given the condition that the aircraft has to be kept and operated from outside the valley, and has agreed to allow the flight permission only after the aircraft is audited by technical personnel. If the ministry agrees to CAAN's conditions as they are, then Shree will have to wait even more to operate the aircraft, as CAAN does not have technical personnel for the Q-400 Turbo Probe model of aircraft. CAAN stalled on giving out the flight permission to the new aircraft saying that the aircraft is of a new model and that it does not have the manpower to check the aircraft's airworthiness.