CAAN negotiating with Thimi Municipality regarding sealed building

19th Feb, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 19: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has entered into negotiations with the Madhyapur Thimi Municipality to repeal the seal on its under construction building.

CAAN started construction on a building at Thimi Municipality for the Air Traffic Controller training purposes and it was sealed on Wednesday evening by the municipality which stated that CAAN had not taken approval from the municipality for construction. CAAN had reportedly neglected registering the essential map layout of the construction.

CAAN started construction of the 2 and half storey building a month ago at the cost of 70 million rupees without approving the building layout and map from the municipality. The contract was given to Prera Tulasi Jayamata Company.

CAAN had acquired 400 ropani of land in the past to operate air service in emergency period. However, according to the municipality, it was not authorized to construct the building due to which it was forced to seal the building construction.

CAAN also rented around 175 ropani of the acquired land to the private company Eicher which has established its office along with food reserves, grill factories, vehicle body construction workshop, hydropower company etc. within the premises for which it owes the municipality around 43.4 million rupees in tax and it is still pending. The municipality also reportedly sealed the Eicher company activities. However, CAAN said that the lending of land to Eicher company is under their Act 2053 which can allow them to rent land for business.

After the earthquake of 2072, it was made mandatory for governmental building to be established within criteria by taking the approval. CAAN had attempted tobreak the rules in constructing the building for ATC training.

CAAN project manager for ATC training building Narbikram Thapa said that the municipal authorities did not provide any information to the authorities, alleging that they were mutually involved and sealed the construction project. He also added that the training building will be of temporary establishment for which building layouts approval was unnecessary and also stated that they haven’t rented land to any other company.

Vice President of the VDC No. 2 Ram Thapa Magar said that it had given 15 days prior notice to halt the construction work and had asked CAAN to contact the municipality but after negligence they were forced to seal the building construction.