CAAN sets time for Paragliding in Pokhara

10th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Oct 10: Nepal Civil Aviation regulatory body has ruled new regulations concerning the paragliding flights in Pokhara. As per the new regulatory order from CAAN the paragliding companies will not be allowed to make flights using paragliding before 10 AM and should conclude before 3:30 PM every day.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) enforced time schedule for paragliding flights for the second time in order to prevent the accidents as there also are air space users during the dawn and the dusk.

The paragliding companies in Pokhara had been conducting flights as early as from 9 AM to 5:30 PM late in the evening.

The new rule will be applicable for pilots of both solo and tandem flights.

Bhola Prasad Guragain, chief of Civil Aviation Office, Pokhara, said no one is allowed to operate paragliding flights before and after the time schedule specified by the CAAN. He also added that CAAN will strictly enforce a rule on area limitation for paragliding companies.

“As Pokhara-Jomsom flights are operated in the morning, paragliding companies won't be allowed to operate at that time. Also, it takes some time for thermal to rise. So paragliding won't be allowed in the morning time,” Guragain added.

He also added that the new rules have been introduced by the local administration so that they would be implemented effectively. “Now, local administration can take action against pilots and companies who flout the rule,” Guragain said.

Surge in number of paragliding companies in Pokhara have led to congestion in Pokhara sky. Around five dozen paragliding companies are in operation in Pokhara and surrounding areas.

Paragliding operators also say some pilots, especially those flying solo, were flouting rules introduced by CAAN. “As thermal do not get warm before 10 am and starts cooling after 3 am, it won't be appropriate to operate flights before or after the specified time schedule,” a manager of a paragliding company said.

Sobhit Baniya, vice-president of Nepal Air Sport Association (NAA), agreed that some companies were operating flights before 10 am and after 3:30 pm to fly more passengers. “These companies were taking a big risk. Lack of monitoring by CAAN was also encouraging them,” he said, adding that he expects companies to be more responsible now. He fears companies will start flouting this rule as well if CAAN fail to take action against irresponsible companies.