CAAN starting discussion for operation modality for Gautam Buddha International Airport

8th Jul, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 08: The government has started discussions for operation modalities for the Gautam Buddha International Airport, as it reaches the final phase of construction. The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has put forward two modalities for the operation of the airport.

Director General of CAAN, Sanjiv Gautam, said that Public Private Partnership will most likely be the modality selected for the airport. Until a definite modality is selected, however, CAAN will be operating the airport itself.

The government has set the year 2019 as the operation year for the airport. Most of the difficult work has already been completed. The Chinese contractor company has already completed 50% of the work by June 2018. The company has the target of finishing 60% of the work by July.