CAAN suspends flight permission of Manang Air over death of Indian tourist

19th Aug, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Aug 19: The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has suspended the flight permission of Manang Air accusing the airline of being irresponsible with passenger safety. CAAN suspended the airline's flight permission as it begins investigation into accusations that the company neglecting passenger safety guidelines.

An Indian tourist had died on August 14 at Humla after being struck by the rotor of a Manang Air helicopter. CAAN has suspended the airline's flight permission following the incident, saying that the incident raised grave questions about Manang Air's adherence to safety guidelines.

CAAN has sought to investigate the incident fully claiming that such an incident can raise questions about Nepali airlines' adherence to safety rules and put a dent in the reputation of the country's aviation sector. Manang Air is also being investigated on another issue of being involved with fake rescue operations.