Cabbies in Pokhara undergo hospitality training

18th May, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, May 18: The cabbies in Pokhara have gone through hospitality training under a programme aimed at giving them basic tourism related lessons.

Around 70 taxi drivers were given the training as they are the first to come into contact with tourists, Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara Office Chief Surya Thapaliya said.

"The cabbies are the first tourist envoy so it is necessary that they have information on basic tourism – related subjects," he said and added, "It is mandatory that taxi drivers have information on the many tourist destinations in Lekhnath."

Stating that NTB was lending high priority to promoting tourism in Lekhnath area, Thapaliya spoke of preparations being made to set up 25 steel benches and install CCTV cameras at four different locations in Begnas lake.

The training was organized by the Nepal Tourism Board, Pokhara Office, Area Police Office, Dandi and Lekhnath Hotel Entrepreneurs' Association.