Cathay Pacific Airlines introduces digital health pass while travelling

27th Jul, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, July 27: The airline is still operating amid fears of a corona infection. Passengers must show vaccination card or test documents while travelling.  Meanwhile, an Airline company has not made mandatory rules to carry covid test documents or vaccination cards for international flights. Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific has made provision for testing the in flight.

The company has stated that the journey will be safer now as it has recently completed the test with the Digital Health Pass app. A month ago, Cathay has tested on two flights between Hong Kong and Singapore. The company has stated that international flights will be more risk-free as the covid test and vaccine details of the passengers can be easily recorded through the app. The company claims to be the first airline to maintain covid test and vaccine details on international flights. The company had taken the official vaccination details of the passengers on a direct flight as a test. 

The test flight between Hong Kong and Singapore was conducted on July 6 via flight number CX691. The Hong Kong government used the vaccine code under the IM Smart App on the flight. The company made its second flight to Singapore-Hong Kong on July 15. The company has stated that the use of 'common pass' was easy from the passengers participating in the flight. Most of the passengers were ready to use the common pass. The company said that the use of digital health pass has been emphasized with the objective of removing the provision that passengers have to carry health related documents.

The test flight was carried out in collaboration with The Common Project and the Airport Authority of Hong Kong. "We are striving to provide easy flight service to international passengers," he said. A health certificate is required when traveling to different countries. The digital health pass will make international flights easier and passengers 'self-confidence will increase rather than carrying documents,' said Vivian Lo, General Manager of the company.

He informed that the flight to various destinations of the company will be resumed after this test flight. "For the first time in the international aviation industry, we have been able to use digital health passes with covid test reports and vaccination reports. The global need now is to operate safe flights. We are launching this service to the passengers using the latest technology, ”said Jennifer Zhu Scott, Executive Chairman of the company. The company, which has been conducting research studies for the past 15 months since its inception, has developed the Common Pass app in collaboration with The Common Project.