Celebration of culture

2nd Feb, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Once again Radisson has lifted the lid of expectations. What a way to celebrate culture. The Chinese food festival hosted by Radisson Hotel was a complete celebration of culture. The festival offered a wide array of Chinese delicacies along with musical and dance performances. The performances and food were both very authentic as the performers were an original dance troop from the land of dragons and the Chinese Cuisine was crafted to perfection by the Chinese cuisine specialty chef of Radisson hotel. 

But the festival was more than just a spectacle. It was more than just a delicious feast. It was a recognition and appreciation of the Chinese culture. General Manager of the hotel Mr. Subrata Banerjee said, “The motive of the festival is to enhance and promote Chinese food and culture and highlight its impact on the global scale. Chinese food’s diversity and evolution over the years has made a profound impact on Nepal’s people’s perception of food and daily eating habits."  A gesture like this can prove to be of paramount importance. Especially when you have guests from all around the world. Gestures like this can surely make the guests feel home away from home. Apart from that what a way to strenghthen relationships.  Nepal’s love for Chinese culture surely did not go unnoticed.

When described like this, the event sounds very “corporate”. My apologies because it was not. Assistant manager Anu Parajuli’s warm welcome made it feel like a family dinner; if family dinners included those heavenly dishes.