CEO of NTB Dhananjay Regmi gives emphasis on searching new destination

14th Feb, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Feb 14: Dr. Dhananjay Regmi  who ha recently has recently been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Nepal Tourism Board said that Being an executive officer of a tourism board makes it easier to apply what the tourists of different religions want.  

 He says, "Being the CEO of the Tourism Board, the main task of promoting Nepal in the world is still there. Efforts are made to spread message around the world that Nepal is safe, peaceful and beautiful. But we have not been able to bring as many tourists as we want. He says that special attention should be paid to the research."

According to the federal government, the tourism board will focus on what can be done to bring tourists to Nepal by making structural changes. Though tourism board is regularizing marketing, it is impossible to bring tourists without the development of new 'product' and physical infrastructure.

 'We preach only in Kathmandu, Lumbini, Pokhara, Chitwan and Khumbu regions. We are spending 35 percent in marketing, we must first become a new destination, ”he said.