Chandragiri Hills receives Innovative award for its accessibility

1st Oct, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 01: National Federation of the Disabled, Nepal has honored Chandragiri hills with Innovative award for its convenient service. In a program organized by Nepal Federation of Disabled, Thammaya Thapa, Minister of Women, Children and Senior citizen handover the prize to Abhishek Bikram Shah, General Manager  of Chandragiri Hills.

Chandragiri Hills, one of the famous destinations ok Kathmandu Valley is built in a very friendly environment. The major structures of Chandragiri are very accessible and continent to physically challenged, Senior Citizen and Children. The company claims that Chandragiri hills have convenient ramp, toilets, trek route, and cable car and many other facilities which make the devotees easily travel the journey.

Along with Chandragiri Hills, other 3 organizations have been awarded. In the ceremony, Minister Thammaya Thapa said that Chandrigiri hills are one of the models which is totally friendly for physically challenged people.

According to  General Manager of Chandrigiri Hills, Shah mentioned that the resort built in Chandragiri is also very friendly for the physically challenged people.