Changu Narayan Historical Temple (Photo Feature)

16th Jun, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

Changu Narayan is the name of the deity enshrined in the Changu Narayan Temple, located near the Changunarayan Municipality in Bhaktapur. The temple is one of the oldest Hindu temples of the valley, and is believed to have been constructed in the 5th century. The temple is considered to be the oldest temple in which the shrine is dedicated to Lord VishnuThe temple is a milestone in Nepali temple architecture with substantial embossed works. The temple is surrounded by sculptures and arts related to Lord Vishnu. Also, there are temples of Lord Shiva, Ashta Matrika, Chhinnamasta, Kileshwor and Krishna inside the courtyard of the main temple. There are four entrances to the temple and these gates are guarded by life-size pairs of animals such as lions, sarabhas, griffins and elephants on each side of the entrances.The temple is all surrounded by Champak tree forest and a small Changunarayan Municipality. The temple is around 21 KM east of Kathmandu valley and few miles from Bhaktapur. The river Manahar flows beside the hill. A stone slab discovered in the vicinity of the temple dates to the 5th century, and is the oldest such stone inscription discovered in Nepal. The Changu Narayan Temple is one of seven structures cited by UNESCO as demonstrating the historic and artistic achievements that make the Kathmandu Valley a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Photo : Bivas Shrestha