Chhath festival in Kathmandu (Photo Feature)

2nd Nov, 2019 | Tourism Mail Crew

The festival of purity, goodwill and faith, Chhath is being observed with high regard and much fanfare. The main ritual of this four-day Chhath festival begins this evening by worshipping and making offerings to the setting sun. Accordingly, the devotees take a holy bath while fasting and worshipping the sun standing inside water, offering Prasad (holy food) and Argha (curd) to the setting Sun this evening.  In Janakpurdham, the festival is being observed with people gathering at the local historical ponds-Ganga Sagar, Dhanus Sagar, Ram Sagar, Ratna Sagar, Bihar Kunda, Rukmini Sar, Argaja, Maharaj Sagar and Agni Kunda among others. 

Photo: Prashant Pradhan