China issues 10 point directive to citizens planning to visit Nepal

7th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Oct 07: With the ease in monsoon season and the start of tourist season in Nepal, China has issued 10 point directive to it’s citizen planning to visit Nepal.

China’s National Tourism Administration issued the directive coinciding with it’s National Day and Mid- Autumn holiday that last for over a week. It has stated that it is good to visit Nepal as it also will be celebrating its national festival and should care about the conscience of the people. Nepal in order to lure more Chinese tourists has been offering on-arrival visa to the Chinese tourists. They also are facilitated with visa stamping in the port city of Kerung if they prefer to travel from there.

China has directed its citizens to make Insurance and keep all the documents and belonging safe. “For having an open border it is accessible to Nepali and Chinese and the visa to enter India can be obtained within Nepal” the tourism authority stated in its website. It also has stated that Nepal’s transport infrastructure is poor and has advised to take safe and reliable travel route. It also has advised not to take motorcycle but hire the bicycle to travel and make sure about the smooth functioning of the vehicles while traveling to the mountainous areas as the weather keeps on changing. It also has advised its citizens not to take cash exceeding 5 thousand dollars, 20 grams gold and 100 grams silver as it is restricted in Nepal and incase of the excess to the provisions it has directed the citizens to pay the custom tax.