Chinese Company to expand the runway of Nepal’s only International Airport

3rd Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov. 3: The Chinese Construction Company Sangshi Construction has got the responsibility to expand the runway of Nepal’s only international airport, the Tribhuwan International Aiport (TIA) in Kathmandu.

Last year the Government of Nepal have had awarded the Spanish Company Constractora Sanjose with the project but the agreement with the company with stalled the expansion work.

Now the Chinese company will expand the runway 3 hundred meters towards the Koteshwor within a timeframe of 18 months. The project which also is termed as NCV-01 is estimated to cost around 590 million rupees.

With the completion of the project the length of TIA’s runway will be 3350 meters. Currently the length of the runway is 3050 meters and the breadth is 60 meters.

Terminal to be built by Nepali Company

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal previously have awarded the Spanish Company with the overall construction project but now it has sub divided into four parts. Out of which the two parts has been awarded to Nepali companies.

As per the division the three Nepali companies will jointly build the International Terminal Building inside the airport. The Prera, Sharma and the Ashish Construction companies has won the bidding for the construction of the terminal building which is estimated to cost 700 million rupees.

The Government of Nepal have had awarded the Spanish company with 6 billion rupees contract within 3 years but no mentionable progress was achieved during the time.

The expansion project which is being assisted by the Asian Development Bank’s 80 million American dollar comprises of 70 million dollars loan and Ten million dollar grant.

The expansion project which started from 2013 had given the time till 2016 to the Spanish Company to complete the project which only had given 16 percent progress during the time.