Chinese Food Festival at Fairfield by Marriott : An experience that changed my perception towards Chinese Food

22nd Jan, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

Whenever the idea of a ‘Chinese Food" popped into my mind, I always thought of the items like Chowmein or Momo until I attended Chinese Food Festival at Fairfield by Marriot.

I am sure Head Chef Santosh Subedi KC has a magic in his hand because the food was too delicious and you should have been there to see my goofy "this is heaven" face. During the dinner I was already enchanted with the pleasant smell of the food and later we all sat together to taste the foods.

Attending Chinese at Fairfield by Marriott was a turning point of my relationship with Chinese food.  When I was talking each and every bite slowly and gradually, the experience forced me out of my food comfort zone in a big way. In the Chinese Food Festival, We started off with Sweet Corn Soup in the cold it opened up my body and gave all the energy back that the cold rain had taken.

Taking about my personal experience, I am not a person who adores the concept of Sweet and sour coming together but after having first bite of my Chinese dinner set I can say that I would really love to try it again and again as it tasted marvelous. The another food item that I loved the most was  Silk Thread with Cabbage, Mo-po-Tofu and Spicy Steam Fish ; these all dishes had typical taste of Chinese flavor in it. 

The spicy steam fish just melted inside my mouth and made me carve for more and more!

The ingredients used in the spicy steam fish made me wonder why this fish was so much fresher and more flavorful than the other fish I ate before. Each and every dish presented in the table was praise worthy. 

Some authentic dishes like braised pork with bokchoy, east lamb stew, Chinese potato and minced chicken is something everyone must taste to give a new experience to their taste buds. If you want relish finger-licking Chinese Dishes which are beyond commonly known momo or chowmein you can join 10 day long Chinese food festival starting from 17th January- 26th January at Fairfield by Marriot Kathmandu.