Chinese Tourists in Low Numbers in Pokhara

29th Dec, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

POKHARA, Dec 29 : The tourism business in Pokhara has still not fully recovered from the slump after the earthquake and the blockade of 2015.

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Business-owners report that although tourists from Europe and America has been increasing in presence, the number of Chinese tourists, who previously visited Pokhara in large numbers, has been slow to pick up. Although the numbers show increase in tourist numbers, the businesses have reportedly been affected by the rise.

The effect on tourism businesses has been unbalanced as the pattern of tourist intake has been uneven, with increases for a month or two and a slump at other times. September and August especially sees an ncreased iintake of American and European tourists. However, with the disruption of the Tatopani checkpoint, the intake of Chinese tourists has been low. The number has been unable to take off as Chinese tourists have been mainly dependent on air travel. THe number of Indian tourists has also been lower than previous years.

Chinese tourists intake has been low due to the blockage of the Tatopani checkpoint by earthquake and landslide, said the Chairman of the Western Regional Association of Trekking Agencies’ Association of Nepal (TAAN), Dipak Raj Adhikari. “The intake of tourists has been largely suppressed due to the Tatopani checkpoint blockage,” he said, “the intake of Chinese tourists has also been low as air tickets are expensive and roadway has been blocked.” Tourism entrepreneurs in Pokhara say that they have been unable to profit from investments in areas aimed specifically at Chinese tourists. There were only 50 thousand Chinese tourists visiting Nepal in the year the earthquake occured.

Chinese tourists tend to increase during February for their New Year and also during October due to theiir holiday season. However, this season, the number of Chinese tourists have been low in iintake, said the Chairman of Western Hotel Association, Bikal Tulachan. According to the Nepal Tourism Board statistics, this year has already seen the intake of 800 thousand tourists, and a recent report puts the estimate for the end of the year at 100 thousand tourists. However, reasons like lack of material infrastructure, connectivity, and short stay of tourists have left very little effect on tourism businesses, said Chairman Tulachan.