Chitwan Elephant Festival made 300 thousand profit

17th Jan, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

Chitwan, Jan 17: Recently, Elephant Festival held in Sauraha, Ratnagar of Chitwan has made the profit of 3 lakhs rupees.

After the completion of 11th Elephant Festival held on 26-30th December, Regional Hotel Association has issued its earning details which showed the profit of 303,845 rupees. In the 16th General Meeting, the Joint Treasurer of the association, Ganga Giri said that that there was the expenditure of 3,574,855 rupees and earning of around 3,878,700 rupees.

Chitwan Elephant Festival, which is conducted by many elephant activities, is Nepal's first and only one festival. The festival was attended by elephant races, elephant soccer, elephant polo, elephant beauty, elephant makeup, elephant picnic. Meanwhile, Suman Ghimire, president of the Sauraha Regional Area Association, said that this year, tourism development promotional activities with be conducted from neighboring India along with neighboring districts. Nepal Tourism Board, Ratnagar Municipality along with different tourism campaign will be organizing various promotional activities related to tourism.

By now, 30% of the internal tourists visit Sauraha, if we can make it to 50% we can get benefit in tourism sector said Ghimire. There are 10 hotels and about 60 restaurants conveniently located in Sauraha of Chitwan. The statistics shows that there are around 2 lakhs tourists visiting Chitwan every year.