Chitwan National Park prohibits fishing within its premises

17th Apr, 2018 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Apr 17: Chitwan National Park has forbidden fishing inside its premises starting on April 14. According to information official Nurendra Aryal, fishing has been prohibited in all the park offices like the range post and security posts and also the buffer zones.

"We have forbidden fishing for all park and security officials inside the premises of the park," said the Chief Conservation Official of the park, Bed Kumar Dhakal, "fishing inside the park premises will now be punished with legal action."

The park has made the decision to help flourish and preserve the endangered gharial species that live within its premises. Officials claim that maintaining the fish population will help the gharial population by allowing the species sufficient food sources. Fishing activities in the past have also put gharials at danger. Last year, a gharial had died after being caught in the fishing nets laid secretly by locals.

There are concerns that prohibited fishing techniques like using nets and electric shocks may put the entire gharial population at risk. The Narayani, Rapti, and Riul rivers that lie within the Chitwan National Park are believed to be the main habitats of the gharial species. According to park statistics, there are currently 166 gharials and more than 300 magar crocodiles in Chitwan.