CIB books 3 Indians, 1 Pakistani and 2 Nepali wildlife traffickers under Prevention of Organized Crime Act

5th Nov, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Nov. 5: Nepal’s Central Investigation Bureau had initiated action against the six persons, including three Indians, a Pakistani and two Nepali national, arrested on October 18 with endangered wild animals, under the Prevention of Organised Crime Act.

Those facing the organised crime charge are Sanjeev Bhari, 40, of Kathmandu; Raj Kumar Tiwari, 42, of Bara; and Mohammad Usman, 34; Mohammad Faim, 35, and Mohammad Sherif Shahid, 35, of India; and Jawaid Aslam Khan, 55, of Pakistan.

Two chimpanzees, eight monkeys, seven golden pheasants, two ring-neck pheasants, 38 pigeons and 65 parrots were seized from them.

Acting on a special tip-off, Central Investigation Bureau had raided the house of Bhari in Bansbari, Kathmandu, leading to seizure of wild animals and birds.

“As we have found involvement of some international racketeers, we proceeded the investigation as per the Prevention of Organized Crime Act,” said Superintendent of Police Jeevan Shrestha, spokesperson for Central Investigation Bureau.

The law empowers the government to disrupt activities of organised criminal groups. Those who commit serious crimes will also be subjected to enhanced penalties. As per act, assets accumulated from organized crime can be confiscated.

If a transnational crime is committed with the involvement of two or more members of the same gang, police may proceed action against them under organised crime. They may face up to a jail sentence of 20 years, along with confiscation of property, if convicted.

The racketeers smuggled apes to India from Nigeria by making Nepal their transit.

The chimpanzees were brought to Nepal from the African country by air, but officials at Tribhuvan International Airport had failed to intercept the animal species. Usman is a repeat offender and was arrested with109 tortoises and 162 birds of different species from Kathmandu in June last year.