Cleanliness campaign starts in various lakes and ponds of Shuklaphanta National Park

14th Oct, 2020 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHIMDATTA, Oct 14: A cleanliness campaign has started in the various lakes and ponds of Shuklaphanta National Park. Swami Lake has been cleaned today in collaboration with Shuklaphanta National Park and NTNC led by the Nepal Army.

According to Assistant Conservation Officer Rabin Chaudhary, there is a plan to clean Baba Lake, Laxmani Lake, Bathania Lake, and other lakes under this campaign. Chaudhary informed that the lake cleaning campaign has started after the growth of water plants in the lakes, which created difficulties for drinking water.

He said that after the cleaning campaign, it would be easier for the wildlife to drink water, encourage tourism activities, and protect the aquatic species.