Climber’s bid to scale Mount Everest for charity - seven years after first attempt

10th Mar, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

ENGLAND: A BRAVE climb is planning to tackle the treacherous Mount Everest to raise money for charity - seven years after being forced to abandon his first attempt.

Damian Walters first tried to climb to the summit of the mountain in 2010 but had to give up at 27,500ft after he suffered severe altitude sickness.

This May he hopes to make it all the way to the top and raise £100,000 for the Furniture Makers’ Company, a charity which supports the industry and its workers when they need it.

Damian first attempted Everest in 2010 but was forced to abandon the climb at 27,500ft due to severe altitude sickness.

Damian said: “Going back is an absolute must as I see this personally as unfinished business.

“I am a huge supporter of the crucial work that The Furniture Makers’ Company performs in the areas of welfare and education in particular.

“The opportunity of raising money for the charity is more than enough reason to tackle the mountain again.”

His journey will begin in April when he flies to Kathmandu, in Nepal, from where he will drive up the narrow, winding mountain roads of the infamous Silk Route and onto the Sino-Nepal Friendship Bridge and the high altitude border between Nepal and Tibet.

From there, he will travel up into Everest base camp in Tibet, China, at just under 17,000ft above sea level.

They will then work their way up to intermediate base camp at 18,000ft and then onto advance base camp at 20,000ft.

He’ll then spend three to four weeks acclimatising to the high altitude by tackling local peaks, before the climb up the mountain.

Damian said: “The majority of expeditions to Everest last about 64 days but there is only a few days dedicated to the summit push.

“The rest of the time is spent preparing physically and mentally for this demanding challenge.”

Before reaching Everest’s summit of 29,029ft above sea level Damian will have to overcome many dangers, including the Khumbu Icefall, Everest’s ever moving ice glacier, where many climbers have lost their lives.

He will also come up against the mountain’s perilous ‘death zone’, which starts at 26,000ft.

While in the death zone, Damian will face high winds, treacherous ledges, an extreme risk of frostbite and a low atmospheric pressure, which restricts the body’s oxygen intake by two-thirds.

He will also take a flag adorned with the names of his supporters who have donated £20 to his fund. To donate to the flag appeal and get your name on the flag visit by March1 10.

To donate to Damian’s fundraising page visit