CNI welcomes decision of government to issue on arrival visas

25th Sep, 2021 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, Sep 25: The Confederation of Nepalese Industries (CNI) has welcomed the decision of the Government of Nepal to issue on-arrival visa to foreign nationals who have completed the vaccination against Covid 19. The confederation is of the view that this decision of the government will be a positive initiative for the rehabilitation of the tourism sector which has been severely affected due to COVID 19 and for the revival of the tourism industry.

The confederation has also thanked the Government of Nepal for this. The Confederation emphasizes that the government should coordinate to facilitate activities related to travel, trekking and mountaineering as soon as the on-arrival visa is opened.

Even though the government has opened on-arrival visas, some countries have put Nepal on the 'red list'. The Confederation emphasizes the need for the Government of Nepal to identify safe destinations for tourists by sending a message to the international community that Nepal is safe from corona virus. "The government of Nepal should take the initiative to remove Nepal from the red list of all countries through diplomatic initiatives," said Bishnukumar Agrawal, President of the Confederation.

According to the order, all foreign nationals entering Nepal will have to undergo antigen testing at the immigration entry point in Nepal. If the antigen is positive, the tourists will have to stay in isolation and if it is negative, they will be able to leave for their destination. The confederation had urged the government to make it easier for all the citizens who have received the full dose of vaccine against COVID 19 to visit Nepal.

The meeting of the Council of Ministers on September 22, had approved the Order 2078 regarding the travel management of passengers arriving and departing from Nepal. In this order, the rules to be followed by the passengers coming to Nepal from abroad have been mentioned.