Coca-Cola launches second Uplift campaign

14th Jun, 2022 | Tourism Mail Crew

KATHMANDU, June 14: Coca-Cola has recently launched the second edition of the global ‘Uplift’ campaign in Nepal. This year, the company has stated that the tagline of the campaign is “Coke Uthaun, Afulai Jagaun” which means to grab a Coke, turn up your energy.

It sends a message to drink Coke and refresh yourself. The aim of the campaign is to convey the message to consumers that the lazy time of the day can be made fun and refreshing with a bottle of cold Coke.

Coca-Cola Nepal has unveiled a new TVC featuring model Aditi Budhathoki. On TV, Aditi can be seen waiting for her friend in the school hallway during the hot afternoon. At the same time, his friend can be seen walking towards Aditi with two cokes. Aditi drinks cold Coca-Cola and is immediately uplifted by the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola. Refreshed, Aditi and her friend go on their way happily.

Speaking about the campaign, Adarsh Avasthi, Country Director of Coca-Cola Nepal said, “We launched this campaign to remind our consumers that if at any moment you feel dreary and not 100 percent into it you can always turn it around and enliven the moment with a bottle of Coca-Cola. Wherever you are and whatever the time, a bottle of Coke can uplift you.”

Pradip Pandey, Managing Director, Bottlers Nepal Ltd. said, “This campaign is all about conveying the message of upliftment that can be brought on by a bottle of ice-cold and bubbly Coke. I am sure everyone goes through an afternoon slump sometimes and we encourage our consumers to break from their slump and get energized with a refreshing Coke.”