Completion of Gautam Buddha Airport to be delayed by One Year

10th Oct, 2017 | Tourism Mail Crew

BHAIRAHAWA, Oct 10: The construction of Gautam Buddha International Airport, Bhairahawa will be delayed for one more year. The contractor was supposed to be completing the construction of the airport within 8 months from now.

The Gautam Buddha International Airport which is enlisted as one of the national pride projects that have started its task from 15th January, 2015 with the deadline of 2018.

The construction was blocked for nearly 8 months due to the controversy between the company of China, North West Civil Aviation Airport Construction Group and Nepali Local Contractor.

Until now the physical advancement of the airport has achieved 32 percent of the whole construction whereas the financial progress is 23 percent. Om Sharma, head of the International Airport at the Gautam Buddha International Airport, said the construction work could be donewithin one year now.

“For construction of the airport, there is a requirement of one million cubic meters of land and 1.5 million tones soil,” Sharma said that further adding, “Though the Chinese contractor's company had delayed the construction of the airport, the same company has already started working effectively.”

There was confusion of giving contract either to the new company or to warn the Chinese company after Chinese Company had delayed on construction. Two months ago, the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and the Civil Aviation told Chinese companies to work ahead of warning. It was said that the decision of two months was to be decided. The regulatory body Nepal Civil Aviation Authority (CAN) has been holding the two-month report and found the most satisfying work than the past and decided to give contract to the same old Chinese Company.

In the meeting of the International Relations of the Legislature-Parliament and the Labor Committee, Sanjiv Gautam, Director General of the CANN, said that the work of Bhairahawa Airport last time is satisfactory, so after seeing their more work progress then only decision will be taken.

Committee discussed with Tourist Minister, Departmental Head and Head of Concerned Authorities about the construction progress of Gautam Buddha International Airport. Tourism minister Jitendra Dev, said that the work of Gautam Buddha Airport was not satisfactory.

After observing a discussion with all the concerned bodies about the progress of the construction of the airport, ministry has decided to review two month progress and after that decision will be taken whether the work is satisfying or not.

Minister Dev said that possibility of the construction of national pride is not going smoothly so by providing more manpower and equipment to the construction company, construction work will be enhanced.

Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism, Maheswor Neupane informed that the payment dispute between construction contractors has been obstructed and the manpower and equipment was increased and work has been started already.

Chinese contractor Jerian said that work with adequate manpower and equipment has been prompted and the work will be carried out effectively if there is easy access to electricity and other construction materials.

Gravel is going on a 3 km on the road to the construction of the airport and there is a challenge to facilitate soil, stones and ballots. The work of the terminal building and other infrastructure is going on. Bhairahawa International Airport is closed in the beginning of 277 and more than 500 km in the total area of 787 by area. The total cost is 6.64 billion.

The main challenge of the airport is the land acquisition .According to the project, around Rs.23 billion of compensation should be given to 5 Bigha land, while only 25 million rupees - only 2 percent of the total amount has been distributed. Six hundred houses have been displaced and 2 thousand families of Rupandehi have been affected by the construction of this airport.

All the member of the committee focused on giving some more time to the construction contractor so that work will be done in effective way.

The committee members and CPN (UML) senior leaders Madhav Kumar Nepal, Bharat Bahadur Khadka, Chudamani Jangali, Pushkar Acharya, Geeta Wagle, Prabha Bajracharya, Pemba Lama and Lalabu Yadav also considered that.